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Custom Rhodes Piano Clear Plexi-glass Lid/ Harp cover for Mark I / Mark II

These are our Custom made Clear Plexi-glass Lid/ Harp cover for Rhodes piano Mark I / Mark II Custom Plexi Clear Lid. We have been able to replicate the classic Fender Rhodes round top lids using clear plexi-glass. We custom make them for the keyboard length of your choice, 88, 73, 54 key. We do not make the flat top style, if you request Mark II the lid will be the round top cut to fit the later mark 2 style pianos.

This price is for only CLEAR Plexiglass lids, but for the extra cost of the materials you can choose from many different color tops as you may've seen on some of our many custom projects. Email us for more details if you'd like options.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as these are hand made to order. 

Regular price $550.00